Ms Wort Hog is originally from Portland OR but has lived in the KC area since July 2007. Her interest in beer stemmed from experiences in Oregon as well as living across the street from the brewpub where students of UC Davis' Master Brewers Program attend class. She continues to learn more about making and tasting beer, and will be taking the BJCP exam in September 2010 to become a formal beer judge.

Mr Wort Hog hails from SE Kansas, but  lived in Portland for several years, quickly acclimating to the local beer culture - meeting Ms Wort Hog in the process. He's since taken up home brewing, recently placing third in the Upper Mississippi Mashout's Northern English Brown Ale category. Mr Wort Hog is a strong proponent of accurate beer knowledge and understanding and recently took the BJCP exam. If you have a question about beer style characteristics, history, or examples, Mr Wort Hog has an answer

We belong to the KC Bier Meisters and can usually be found hanging out at Waldo Pizza, Swagger, The Foundry, or Flying Saucer.