Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brautag 4.0: Oktobrewfest

Mark your calendars: Brew Day 4 is now scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd. Again, we'll start around 12pm and look to have 2-4 batches of various beers going.

Plans will firm up as the date nears. We'll do an Oktoberfest theme, without the rides or dancing on tables (well, that's still up for discussion). You are, however, welcome to wear a dirndl or lederhosen if you wish.

I'll look to have some good German food at this one - I'm already thinking something along the lines of big Bavarian pretzels, German potato salad, spätzle (German noodles), and brats. And, of course, plenty of home brew and commercial beer (German styles encouraged, of course).

More details to come on location, but the date's set!


  1. OK, that just encouraged me to fetch a Left Hand Octoberfest; and as I am writing this I have just looked down and noticed it reads MALT LIQOUR! It's been years since I have had Mickey's or anything similar. I do have Daddy's Little Helper by Rogue, does anyone have anything to say about it? I have been waiting for a good time to open it and I pulled the Clone from CAN YOU BREW IT but I have to try it first to see if I would be interested.

    ~J (hopfrog)

  2. Octoberfest Alert! Sam Adams Octoberfest=FAIL. And I am a big fan of SA. I bought a sixer last week and still have four left. Gomer's in Parkville has already has it on discount. I guess when you brew up a 1000 gallons of beer that sucks, you can't just leave it on the curb for the trash man.

  3. That's the day before our anniversary (we got married on 10-4...good buddy), so I'm going to have to sweet talk extra hard to make it. Lat year I took her to a beer tasting. There's starting to be a trend

  4. J, I think some states require high ABV beers to be labeled as "malt liquor". In my brief search, I couldn't find a lot of specifics, but this site does seem to explain some of it -

    DM, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the #1 anniversary gift preference among women is attendance at a homebrew day.

  5. I'd post about it on my blog but I think all 10 of my readers just saw it here. :)

  6. I looked it up right after I posted, anything above 5% can be classified as Malt Liqour I guess. I will just consider corn being used in the process somehow and run with that (however wrong that may be). It is a bit like fwding an email and then looking for it on only to find out it is completely bogus. Do they have Snopes for Beer?


  7. In some states (think Tejas is one) beers above 5% must be classified as malt liquor or ale.

    Most lager brewers who need to satisfy the intersection of state laws in the US will choose to put the accurate if not flattering "malt liquor" on the label rather than the inaccurate "ale". There is on German exception, I think either Spaten or Paulaner.

    Either way, next time you are at the liquor store hit up the German beer selection and nearly everything will say "Malt Liquor" on it somewhere.


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