Tuesday, March 2, 2010

KS > MO?

Quick note. Not only did KS start getting beers from the venerable Hoppin' Frog brewery out of Ohio, but they also have beers from Ballast Point out of San Diego. How did KS beat MO to getting a notable San Diego brewery distributed? How did Ballast Point come to the metro without anyone making a big deal about it?

Also, Lukas in KS has LOTS of Rye on Rye, if you are in to that sort of thing and they are refrigerating all of their IPAs (very nice touch, although I wish they would refrigerate all the beer).


  1. BTW, I am kidding. Unless KS starts getting Russian River tomorrow, I think MO is still the better beer state.

    KS has enough good unique breweries now (the two above plus Ska are notable) that I feel fortunate to have easy access to both.

  2. Both Ska and Hoppin Frog should be in MO soon. Don't have an exact ETA but both breweries have said they are committed to MO distribution

  3. I think almost a year went by between when the head sales guy at Lagunitas told me they would be in Missouri in a few weeks and when they actually were.

    Don't underestimate red tape.

    Either way, Ballast Point is a bigger deal than Ska and Hoppin Frog (aided in part by being from a brewing world that is poorly represented here) and I am amazed that there was no buzz about it coming to KS.

  4. has anyone seen any BP Victory at Sea make it to KS?

  5. I only saw the IPA, but I didn't look very hard.

    I doubt Victory at Sea will make it but if you have a MO address you can buy it online. South Bay Drugs in SD has it (with a limit of 3 and you have to buy in increments of 12 bottles, they have other things of interest though so that should not be hard).

  6. Shared a bomber of Hoppin' Frog BORIS (Bodacious Oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout) last night. I dug it.
    Missie's at 63rd and Quivira recently expanded, and so their beer selection. LOTS of individual bottles available, all priced individually. I like this trend much more than the make-your-own six packs that are limited to only the store's beers that retail for less than $8 per six pack.

  7. Ballast Point has been here for at least a year. Decent beers, but they didn't blow me away.


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