Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time to Get Out and Drink some Beer

I'll keep this short & sweet. Get your calendars out.

April 24 - Parkville Microbrew Festival
... As if I need to tell you about this one.
What I love about this in particular is that people from the attending breweries are there. It sure is nice to talk to them about the beer they've brought as well as what they're experimenting with, and is a big reason I like to go to this. The weather's supposed to be stormy - bring your umbrella.

May 1 - National Homebrew Day
Interested in seeing how home brewing works? Check out a National Homebrew Day location. As far as I know, ZZHopsKC BierMeisters, and Lawrence Brewers Guild are all hosting brew days. I'd contact them directly for details, as their websites don't contain a lot of information. Additionally, the BierMeisters will have a couple of homebrews in the works at the Parkville Microbrew festival.

May 2 - Flying Saucer 2nd Anniversary
The KC Craft Beer Examiner has a nice summary of it there so check it out. Flying Saucer's general manager also started an informational thread over on Beer Advocate.

May 4 - Bell's Brewery Dinner at Foundry
Food pairings served with Bell's Sparkling, Oberon, Two Hearted on Cask, and three stouts: Expedition, Cherry, and Java. Reservations required - of course.

May 6 - Royal Liquor Beer Tasting
Over 75 beers available to try, with discounts on purchased beers.
At Royal Liquor on State Line.

May 22 - KC Bierfest
This thing's a month away and they still have 2009's beers listed... hopefully that will be updated soon. Also note it's now in Westport. Maybe this year the new location will help avoid fights and general douchebaggery, but I won't hold my breath.

Apr 24 - May 3 - St Louis Craft Beer Week
Yeah, I know it's not local. But if you feel inspired to make your way out there, many of the events look worthwhile.



  1. I think the Beerfest event is bi-annual, with one being in the Legends every fall. The whole thing, including the website, etc is run by volunteers, so cut people some slack when it comes to the website, etc. I will be out of town for the Westport event, which really bums me out, as I have volunteered to work at all the previous events. :-(

    KC Beerfest raises money for Kansas City Free Health Clinic, so it's a very worthy cause.

  2. Hey, I wasn't being critical of the organizers. Just that they don't indicate what's going to be on for 2010 and that some of the crowd there last fall was less than stellar.

    I'm glad it's for a good cause. I just hope the website gets updated soon. The primary reason I don't tend to go to Beerfest is because the list of beers is one I can find anywhere around town (standard offerings from Bear Republic, Heineken, Budweiser, O'Fallon, Schlafly, etc). The fact that the fest had a few fights last year makes me a little less inspired to go, though again the new location might hamper the drunken-fight mentality a little.


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