Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summerfest and the Living's Easy

It's no surprise I'm a fan of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and their products. The quality of their beer is outstanding, and their commitment to the craft beer community is constant. Everyone knows their Pale Ale, of course, but their German Hefeweizen (Kellerweis) is one of the best I've had from an American brewery. They're coming out with a new seasonal this fall (nixing their Anniversary Ale), named "Tumbler". It's an American Brown in IBUs and original gravity, but hopped with English-style hops (Challenger and Yakima Goldings). But we'll have to wait until late summer/early fall to see that in stores.

You can, however, pick up Summerfest now, and I recommend you do so. It's a Pils brewed with American two-row and Munich malts, and is hopped with both German and Czech noble hops (Perle and Saaz, respectively). The end result is a beer that is light in body, but with plenty of grainy malt flavor and spicy hop aroma and bitterness. There's also a bit of lemon in both aroma and flavor as well, but not enough to take over the beer. The high carbonation and lingering bitterness really make this a thirst-quencher, but a light lager it is not. There's plenty of maltiness there to keep you interested.

I really enjoyed this beer and was disappointed it was the only one I stuck in a mixed six-pack. Next time, an entire sixer it is.

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  1. I JUST (well ok, about two weeks ago) picked up a bottle of this and "reviewed" it for a Twitter follower...and ended up recommending it. It's a great summer beer, and I think it should be mentioned to serve it extra cold. At least here in Texas ;)

    Their Pale Ale (which is just fantastic of course) is just a tab bit too heavy and complex for a hot summers day I think, but this hit's it just right. They're growing which is great, I just hope that they keep their quality in tact.

    I was VERY happy to have my eyes wonder to this beer by mistake in the beer section at Whole Foods. :)


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