Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mattingly Closes its Doors

Damn it. Mattingly Brewing Company's blog post today reports that they're closing up shop; according to STL Hops' note about the closure, they've chosen not to renew their liquor license. Whether they'll reopen at some point or sell the place is unknown. These guys were one of our favorite stops in St Louis, as they offered some interesting and high-quality brews.

You can get two of their beers at the Schlafly taproom - a wheat on tap and an old ale in bottles. I suspect this isn't the last we've seen of their brewer, Drew Huerter, as he's clearly a skilled brewer and should find no lack of interest in his abilities.

Goodbye, Mattingly, and cheers to new opportunities.

NOTE - Thanks to responders for clarifying that Huerter currently works at Schlafly Bottleworks full time.


  1. Drew is a part time brewer at Schlafly and Im sure will continue to be there in the same or more capacity.

  2. Hm, I didn't think he brewed there anymore, but I'm glad to hear I'm mistaken. :)

  3. He used to brew at the Tap Room and now he's at Bottleworks. See you for Kolsch Glass night at Saucer?

  4. Drew has been brewing FT at Schafly Bottleworks for over a year. He also worked at Schlafly Taproom prior to that. For over a year he worked 2 FT jobs also being Head Brewer at MBC - probably the only thing that kept them going as long as they did. And he is still at the Bottleworks - Burn Ward Wheat was put on tap yesterday at the Bottleworks. A Brewer's Choice beer that he brewed. Makes Gumballhead look weak from what I've heard. Stlhops has a nice preview of it. I'm sure ample opportunities will come his way.

    His dad

  5. Ok haven't personally had the pleasure of having any of his brews but I have indeed heard of his stuff, and it comes on good notes :)

    I don't see him just fading into the darkness though I wonder what the real reason are for their entire closing.

    But guys, look beyond this to what was just written. The passion that and work ethic that this guy posses must be incredible. To pull off two FT jobs within our beer community...major respect for you man!

    Cheers to your passion! And hope you land on better opps!


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