Friday, September 10, 2010

Get some IBUs in an IBA

Happy Friday!

It's been a long week and I'm glad the weekend is nearly here. To save you from end-of-weekend blues, this coming Monday (the 13th) Schlafly posted on Facebook that they'll be tapping a cask of India Brown Ale at the Foundry in Westport starting at 4pm (happy hour).

What's India Brown Ale? Pretty much what you think. Schlafly's website says, "this unique brew has the color of a brown ale, but the aroma of an American-style IPA. This beer will prove just how complex a brown ale can be."

I haven't had many IBAs, but the couple that I have had are super delicious. Dogfish Head's is the first that comes to mind which, of course, we can't get here. Saranac, though, makes one but I can't recall seeing one out here. I know Lukas in Overland Park typically carries a pretty big selection of Saranac - does anyone know if they carry the IBA? Any other IBAs in town?


  1. Lagunitus WTF and Bitch Creek ESB are both brown beers at IPA strength and hopping level.

  2. Augh, how did I forget WTF?

    I haven't seen Flashback around these parts... is it?

  3. Flashback is a seasonal. I've seen it sporadically. Good beer.

    Also, Free State's Stormwatch (not bottled; only available on tap) is an IBA. The brewery in Lawrence usually has it, and I've seen it at Barley's occasionally. It's really, really good!


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