Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Hoppy Halloween Indeed

We drove to Fargo last weekend for the Prairie Homebrewing Companions' 13th annual homebrew competition. Their main speaker was Jamil Zainasheff, a homebrewer known for co-authoring 2 books (Brewing Classic Styles and Yeast: the Practical Guide to Fermentation) and for The Jamil Show, a radio podcast on

Chip from Northern Brewer's BrewingTV was there to capture the weekend, and here's the episode he put together. It's just shy of 1/2 hour and a good overview of what a competition is like. There are a few highlights, including:
  • Jamil announces that he's opening a brewery in the east bay next year
  • The PHC's club yeast bank
  • Our friends Tom & Nancy won the ProAm and get to brew at Summit Brewing in Minneapolis
  • We won best of show for our Classic Rauchbier!
Check it out.

Brewing TV - Episode 23: Hoppy Halloween & Jamil Zainasheff from Brewing TV on Vimeo.

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