Monday, December 6, 2010

Bottle Caps: Now Available in Not-Bent

A recent discussion with a bottle cap collector reminded me of this. When we were at Goebel Liquor back in September, we got to talking to one of the guys working there (who was extremely knowledgeable about beer, by the way... all of the staff there was). He went into the back room and a few minutes later came back with a bottle opener for us. But not any standard bottle opener, oh no.

This is a bottle opener that doesn't bend your caps.

It appears it's just a piece of bored wood with a book binding screw through it. Looks easy enough to make, and removes caps with nary a dent. Pretty darn cool.


  1. If you put a quarter on top of the cap before using a standard opener, it achieves the same result.

  2. They also have a feature on this and a how-to make one on the second to the last page of this months Draft Magazine.

  3. There are also a bunch of products on the market claiming dent and bend free cap removal.

  4. I am betting I have a bunch of those fittings from an extra hardware kit which came with kids bunk bed. Thanks kids! Now I must find the proper piece of wood.

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