Saturday, January 15, 2011

KC Bier Meisters 28th Annual Competition

We've been busy working on the KC Bier Meisters' 28th annual homebrew competition. I wrote about last year's event, and this year's is coming up in about a month. Our theme this year is "Amber Waves of Grain" with a focus on local, sustainable ingredients and brewing practices - reusing resources like barrels and making beer with local ingredients such as wheat.

Our banquet speaker is Stephen Hale, Chief Brewer at the Schlafly Taproom
Our morning speaker is Paul Kavulak, owner of (and brewer at) Nebraska Brewing Company

Homebrewers, time to get together some of those brews for entry!  Entries must be received by Saturday February 5, and judging will be held on February 18 and 19 at Holy Field Winery in Basehor, KS. The entry fee is $7 per entry and online entry and payment are available at the competition website below.

Awards will be given in the 28 BJCP beer, cider and mead categories. Additionally a special Best of Show award will be given to the best beer that uses wheat as a substantial ingredient. If you wish to volunteer as a judge or steward you can do so through the online entry system and your help is appreciated.

Check out our competition website for complete details. And see you there!


  1. I'm having some trouble finding the correct link for registration--only thing I find is informational, and also a BCOE link that doesn't have the KCBM registration form?

  2. We are no longer using the manual/paper forms. Instead, we are doing online entry through BCOE. Once you get to this page find the section that reads "Enter your Brews". Click on the link there, then select whether you're going to register as a judge/steward. Once you select yes or no, you'll be prompted to create login information.

    After creating your login profile, you can enter all of your beers into the online forms. After creating your entries, you'll be able to print your entry sheets and bottle labels. If you have any issues, let us know.

  3. Ok...I didn't find anything that said "Enter your Brews", but found little words at the top, including "Register"

  4. That'll work; it takes you to the same place. :)

  5. Thanks for putting together a great competition again - lots of fun and great beer.


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