Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Brew Day

National Homebrew Day is this coming Saturday (May 7th), which means that homebrew clubs nationwide will be hosting Big Brew events. Big Brew is an event where homebrewers gather to make homebrew, share knowledge, answer questions, share love for the hobby, and... drink beer. The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) publishes recipes each year, and this year's are an 1800s style East India Pale Ale, a Wit, and a Robust Porter.

Basically, you show up and talk beer & homebrew while brewing, helping brew, or watching someone else brew. If you're interested in the hobby but have no idea where to start, this is a perfect opportunity to get answers. We've got a few Big Brew days in our neck of the woods put on by a few clubs. Be sure you're there by noon (if not sooner), when a nationwide toast to homebrewing will take place.

  • The KC Bier Meisters will, as in years past, host Big Brew in the area behind Bacchus & Barleycorn. Festivities start at 10. More info is on the KCBM website.
  • ZZ Hops' Big Brew day will be in Lee's Summit, also starting at 10am. See their Facebook page for when, where, and contact info.
  • Jayhops has contact information on their Facebook page as well, if you'd like to attend.
Cheers! And happy homebrewing.

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  1. Hey Amy, I was out last night drinking a colleague's home brews. He is a talented brewer who won Home Brew Regionals and was in Nationals in San Diego last weekend.
    He had a Cream Ale, a Koelsch, a Belgian Quad aged in oak, plus another beer which he added about 12 lbs of honey. I can't remember what he called the last beer because maybe I had probably had too much at that point and it was also 10% alcohol.

    Wow. The best beers that I have ever had. Better than any commercial beer. And I have had a lot of micro-brews before.
    I am guessing it is because he makes it in such small batches he can really control the ingredients. No bitter after taste, full of flavour. I would be a raging alcoholic if all beer tasted that good.
    Anyway, i just had to share my experience with you.
    -- Steve (Theresa's brother in law).


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