Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brewin up some math

My brother posted a link to a homebrew recipe calculator tool on Facebook and I thought it was so handy that I wanted to share.

The site also has over 4000 recipes as well as a good catalog of styles (with recipes and notes on each).

That's all! Short & sweet today. I'm off to Flying Saucer to get some Founders, then to Grinders for more beer and some Ben Folds. Have a great Saturday!

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  1. On my last brew I compared that calculator with I like the first calc better, but I found that tastybrew's is more accurate. Not sure if the ingredient values were slightly off or if they're using a different equation (someone always uses .129 vs .131 or something like that). The tastybrew guy said they were willing to make more calculators if you threw them ideas and responded very quickly to me. Actually I wish there was even a better interface. Maybe one of these days I'll build a better one :) if there is ever that time.


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