Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Local Updates

As I enjoy a Victory Prima Pils I picked up in PA a while back (mmm), I thought I'd post a handful of updates for today.

Looks like Founders isn't coming to MO until some time in June. The waiting continues.

Free State has a new website AND a blog. Their first (and, currently, only) post details a trip to Belgium last year for the brewers. Their full list of beers has also been updated and is so much easier to use (and drool-inducing). Speaking of beer - in addition to their regular lineup, they also have a porter and maibock on tap.

Waldo Pizza has Avery's Maharaja IIPA on tap. Had a glass of it last week and it was just as delicious as I'd remembered. And if you go on the right night, the new bartender might just serve it in a 16oz glass. ;)

Anderson Valley is taking KC by storm. They sure make some good beer, and now you can get more of it at Barley's in Shawnee. They've got Brother David Double & Tripel, as well as a handful of other new ones now and forthcoming (including Great Divide's Dunkelweiss, which I'm also very excited about). It's about time, Barley's - your beer list was getting a little stagnant (or is it just that I was going too frequently?).

Looks like Odell is coming out with a couple of seasonals soon. Woodcut #2, an oak-aged pale, will be in stores this month and their new Extra Pale Ale will be out this June.

Boulevard's Two Jokers Double Wit should be hitting stores soon... Remember that Boulevard is pairing up a Smokestack release with a seasonal. The Wit's partner is ZON, which is already in stores. I've been looking for Two Joker and have yet to see it, but expect it'll be there any day now.

And, while I'm definitely a dyed-in-the-wool hophead, I am VERY excited for Sierra Nevada's Kellerweis. "Kellerweis is one of the only American Hefeweizens made using the traditional Bavarian style of open fermentation. This difficult and labor-intensive technique adds uncommon depth and flavor complexity. Our hazy-golden hefeweizen is deeply flavorful, refreshing and perfect for a sunny day." AHH!! I love German styles and I love Sierra Nevada's beer. This one is bound to be a winner. (And speaking of Sierra Nevada, if you enjoy their stuff, check out their Brown Saison at Flying Saucer while it lasts).

That's it for now. Hopefully that'll keep everyone busy for a while.


  1. Great info, I love these kinds of posts, always want to make sure I am not missing any craft beer news related to the KC area. Thanks! Also, do you have any news on Dead Canary?

  2. Thanks for the feedback!! I'm going to try to do this at least once a month, aiming for twice.

    I think it's a pretty telling sign that a)DCB hasn't updated their blog since mid-January and b)Avery told them they had a crazy business plan. Their opening beer line-up is completely misaligned with the KC market. That said, maybe in a better economy they'll be able to open and will make some compromises to remain financially solvent. I really do want new local breweries to succeed, but it's painful to read about a business idea that you know won't work.

  3. I was afraid of that. As hard as it probably is to start a business, it's probably harder to start a microbrewery. And harder yet, start a microbrewery in this economy. I do wish them luck and look forward to your monthly/bi-monthly posts. Lets just hope there is enough happening in the KC beer scene to talk about.

  4. I switched my attention to the Doodle Brewing from Nick as opposed to Dead Canary.

  5. Me too - the pressure's on, Doodle Nick! ;) Good news is, you have a lot of support 'round these parts.

  6. I lived in Grand Rapids for a while and it was great to have Founders in town. They tended to offer more interesting variety at their brewpub than in stores but generally pretty solid.


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