Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Make beer for your dogs!


OK well maybe the beer itself isn't for your dogs - but the spent grains are! Homebrewers, don't let those grains go to waste. You can make dog biscuits with this stuff, and dogs LOVE them! They take a long time to bake, but provide a healthy treat your dogs will love. Our friend Rachel's American Eskimo flips out for these things. And humans can eat them too (yes, I tried one - they're actually pretty good).

Here's a recipe, courtesy of Bodensatz Brewing:
4c spent grain
4c flour
1c peanut butter
1 egg

Mix everything together, spread it out on a cookie sheet, flatten, score, and bake at 350F for 30-60 minutes until they harden. Take them out of the oven (and lower the heat to 225F). Break the cooked biscuits into pieces and put them back into the oven, baking again for 8-10 hours.

There's a discussion thread on realbeer that discusses additional or substitution ingredients for the recipe in case your dog tires of the plain ones. It's probably more likely, however, that you'd exceed your annual allowance of homebrew before exhausting your dog's palate.
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Please note - if you hop your mash, DO NOT feed the spent grain to dogs. Hops are poisonous to canines.


  1. Bull E Vard can mix in some cold Velveeta and be in heaven.

  2. Hey that sounds good. Add some bacon and I'm in.

  3. Can you bake it into the shape of a bread bowl?


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