Friday, June 5, 2009

This ain't no Bud Lime

A month ago, the Wall Street Journal posted an article about micheladas. These beer-based cocktails are typically a mix of beer, lime, worcestershire, and hot sauce with a chili/salt rimmed glass. With a bit of investigation, however, it appears there are all sorts of regional variations. The addition of clamato juice is the most common, and it appears that key limes are to be used. Another common variation I've noticed is whether light (Corona, Dos Equis, etc) or dark (Negro Modelo) beer is used.

A couple of years ago, John and I made micheladas using Negro Modelo, worcestershire, hot sauce, and regular limes. I wasn't impressed, but it wasn't bad either. We both thought it was decent but something we wouldn't be inspired to make again. I thought tonight I'd try making a different style of Michelada, one that includes Clamato (which, according to some people on the interwebz, makes it "authentic". I'm sure reality is closer to "regionally authentic".).

I tried a recipe by some internet stranger "Ruben," who posted it via a comment on a mixology site. I picked this one on the sole fact that it sounded good. You can see my ingredients - Arrogant Bastard hot sauce (bought over 2 years ago at Belmont Station in Portland; it gets better with age, right?), Modelo especial, worcestershire sauce, Clamato, key limes, and celery salt for the rim of the glass.

The verdict? Delicious. It smells a bit weird - like sour beer that was left out overnight. As I went for my first sip, the aroma convinced me this was a bad idea. Much to my delight, it's a winner! Spicy and sweet, a little salty, beery, and citrusy. I bought some Tostitos Hint of crack Lime chips to go with it.

I'm definitely going to be making this again. Try it with or without the clamato but definitely avoid using any lemon or soy sauce, and use key limes & worcestershire sauce instead. Good stuff.


  1. Does the clam flavor add something special above regular tomato juice or V8?

    My friend drank one of these at the Saucer and about shit his pants shortly after.

  2. The clamato is definitely less sweet & more tangy than tomato juice or even V8. The consistency is thinner as well (though nothing you couldn't achieve by adding water to tomato juice). As for your friend, are you sure it wasn't the food there? ;)


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