Friday, August 13, 2010

Canadian Breakfast Stout is Coming!

The Flying Saucer got a keg of this Founders delicacy back in June and has been holding on to it through the summer... until now. They're putting this baby on for Rare Beer Night on August 26th. They've been tapping some stellar stuff for Rare Beer Night lately, and this one continues the trend.

I probably don't need to say anything more, but JUST in case you're not sure what this concoction is, it's their standard Breakfast Stout that is aged in barrels that were initially used to age Heaven Hills Kentucky Bourbon, then were shipped up to Canada to age craft maple syrup. The result, as I wrote about last year for Present Magazine, "carries smoky flavors from the charred barrels, vanilla notes from the bourbon, and a prominent douse of maple sweetness."

Simply delicious.


  1. Ok...

    Despite my usual feelings about too many flavors and food additions taking away from beer, I have a feelings this is going to be one seriously good brew. As long as the Maple Syrup isn't too sweet and over powering...the flavor that is. But seeing as to how it's simply aged in those barrels, I don't think it really will be. Won't get a chance to try this one I think unless it comes here to Dallas....but let us know how it shapes up.


  2. Ilya - they do a great job of balancing the flavor of the maple from the barrels with the malt roast and hop bitterness so that you don't get a cloying beer. I don't get the impression that a lot of syrup remained in the barrel when the beer was transferred into it, giving a lot of maple flavor without much residual sweetness. It is very good, but is absolutely something that goes well with cheesecake, creme brulee, or something else with a lot of vanilla/bready characteristics.

  3. How busy are these rare beer nights? I've never had a chance to go but would really like to try the CBS. If we got there around 7, would we be able to get some?


  4. Oh yeah, they only tap the keg at 7pm so you should be just fine.

    I suspect this one might be a bit more crowded than other Rare Beer nights, but not packed. When we go for these, there are always seats at the bar and a few empty tables. I don't know how it'll be this week, but I wouldn't sweat it. :)

  5. Steve,

    Their GM posted on Beer Advocate that they're selling tickets starting at 6pm. Beer is tapped at 7pm, but you may want to consider either getting there closer to 6 if you can, or being OK with showing up at 7 and not getting a glass of it. I say it's worth a shot - even if you can't get CBS, they'll surely have something else worth getting.


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