Friday, August 6, 2010

More Mikkeller

I mentioned the other day Mikkeller's line of yeast-series beers and how exciting and innovative this is. Lo & behold, McCoy's is featuring all five of them at their next beer dinner (see the last paragraph on the linked page). I've only been to one other McCoy's dinner but found it fun and entertaining; the food was pretty tasty (a notch or two fancier than what they typically serve) and the crowd was friendly and social.

They're also serving the Mikkeller Chipotle Porter, which was the Rare Beer this past Thursday at the Flying Saucer. I'd been looking forward to this one, so we trekked on down and had ourselves a glass or two. The aroma's wonderful – chocolatey and roasty, much like a rich dark chocolate bar (and it's all from malt – very cool). The flavor was quite similar but also had just a touch of red chili flavor. And then the capsaicin kicked in.

Living on the west coast, I used to have a pretty decent heat tolerance. After three years in Kansas City, however, I am now a self-avowed hot-food-wuss. This beer is spicy. Now, it's not melt-your-face hot, but I've had Thai food here in KC that was less spicy than this beer. It was wonderful, like eating one of those chocolates that has dried chilies in it. I wish this weren't as rare as it is.

You can get yourself a glass of this at the Saucer, or join me at the McCoy's dinner on Tuesday, September 7th. Tickets are $50 (inclusive of tax & gratuity); you can buy them at McCoys or by calling (816) 960-0866. This is one I'm not going to miss, so I'll see you there!


  1. I love Porters, and love question about it.

    But every time I see a Stout or Porter with the "Chipotle" rendition on it, I cringe. I know I know...many love it and it's just my opinion which shouldn't be take seriously in this case.

    But I can't stand chile's in my beer. It just doesn't hit or finish right and takes too much away from the beer.

    looks wonderful in the THAT glass though ;)

  2. It reminded me a lot of those "chili chocolate truffle" candy things you can get in gourmet chocolate stores. I agree, it's not for everyone - if you find the chili-chocolate combo offensive or undesirable, I wouldn't recommend tracking down this beer.

    It is, however, a MUCH different thing than, say, Dave's Cave Creek Chili Beer or the Weston chili IPA (or even Rogue's Chipotle Ale).

  3. I get the concept of pairing chocolate and hot pepper spice together, but its a flavour combination that I want just a little taste of. This beer had such a wonderful roasted malt and chocolate flavour with a smooth mouthfeel that was abruptly cut short by the harsh sensation of the pepper on the back of my throat. I'm glad I got to try it, but one was enough.


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