Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baking with Beer

Everything always seems to taste better with beer, but I rarely use it in cooking. Seems like such a waste.

This evening, I made Oreo Truffles. Oreo Balls. Whatever you want to call them, they're little round pieces of delicious, and I made them while drinking a Bells Expedition Stout. Yes, everything tastes better with beer. However, these things are pretty damn good all by themselves and I highly recommend making them. A little bit country, a little bit rock n roll, they're 100% delicious.

I snagged the recipe from one website, but there are plenty of variations available. They're all pretty much derived from the same concept:
1 package Oreos (normal 1-pound bag)
1 8oz block cream cheese

Whirr the Oreos in a food processor until they're dust, then add the cream cheese. Mix until it's one gooey glob of goodness. Roll into balls, place on a sheet of parchment/wax paper then chill. Coat in whatever you want - chocolate, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, coconut... I used melted semi-sweet chocolate chips (Hy-Vee brand, nothing but the finest!).

I may have sampled one, though the verdict's still out on that one. All I know is that these babies are addictive. And I don't even like Oreos that much. But I can tell you one thing - they go very well with Expedition Stout.

What doesn't, really?

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