Monday, December 29, 2008

Texas, Beer, and UFOs

Thank you, Lee

I had the GREATEST time hanging out with the KC-beer-blogging (and drinking) mini-gang Lee assembled on Friday night. We went to 75th Street and occupied at least a couple of tables for a handful of hours. I can't remember everything we talked about, but the topics of conversation included beer, Oregon, knitting, running, swimming, losing weight, and homebrewing. I can't even begin to do the evening justice, so I'll just say that I enjoyed the company to the fullest and was so glad that I went.

Lee was also kind enough to bring some Texas beer with him - Saint Arnold Christmas Ale & Real Ale Firemans #4.  I'm currently enjoying the Christmas ale - YUM, thank you! I have yet to crack open the #4 but probably will tomorrow.

Upon the mention of Texas beer, I shared a story about the time I went to Dallas for work and spent a lovely Wednesday evening at the Flying Saucer in Addison to get some work & drinking done (multi-tasking is a beautiful thing). Long story short, the place was packed so I grabbed a spot at a table in the corner where a middle-aged guy was working with his laptop. I thought for sure I'd get some work done. I thought wrong. I ordered a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA (which I can't get in KC and miss dearly) and it all started from there. The guy wouldn't stop talking! I learned a lot about Texas brewing and was even encouraged to try a beer I wouldn't have otherwise tried - Live Oak Hefeweizen. It's a German-style hefeweizen and absolutely delicious. It reminded me a lot of Paulaner, which I think is a fantastic representation of German hefe. I also ordered an Arrogant Bastard and the talking continued. 

I didn't get a lot of work done that night, but I did learn a lot about goings-on in Texas... most of which I've since forgotten. I will not, however, forget that glass of Live Oak.

Which also brings me to the 2nd of two things I came here to post. It irritates me that Flying Saucer in KC is located in the P&L district. Not only is that area not my type of hang-out, I'm just not keen on hose planned urban "entertainment centers" with their targeted dress codes and sugary sweet vodka "martinis" (IT'S NOT A MARTINI!) and "sexy co-ed" ads etc etc... 

What was I saying? Oh yeah, Flying Saucer. As I mentioned, I was in the Addison location on a Wednesday night. At every location it seems, Wednesday night is Pint Night where you can get a pint glass of their featured brewery & keep the glass. This December, KC's Flying Saucer featured Chimay, Gouden Carolus, and La Chouffe. January's beers are yet TBD, but I'd keep my eye on their calendar. December looked like a good month to add to the glassware collection.

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  1. De nada! Glad you enjoyed it. Y'all made for great company.

    Ugh. Nursing a wee hangover this morning. My best friend is in town for his birthday, so we did a mini-version of my infamous No. 3 Bus Route Drinking Tour. Maybe if some of you KC beer geeks come visit me down here I can arrange another one.


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