Monday, March 16, 2009

More details on Boulevard's upcoming releases

Owen over at the Pitch recently discussed what's in the works at Boulevard (and his thoughts on two upcoming releases). Providing more concrete details, a news release at laid out the plans.

Boulevard is releasing four new Smokestack beers this year, two with limited availability and two of wide but seasonal availability. Boulevard's also aligning its seasonal beer releases with Smokestack releases this year. Apparently, the Imperial Stout and Irish Red were the first to be paired. Next up - Zōn and Two Jokers, a new double wit. Additionally, the base Saison for Saison-Brett (without the Brettanomyces fermentation) will be available on draft in April at various locations. I'd put money on its appearance at Barley's & Waldo Pizza but I'm sure it'll be available at several places locally.

More info about the releases, as well as a reference to Owen's brewmaster's night blog post, is available in the beernews article.


  1. That article has since been corrected. It won't actually be the Saison-Brett on tap, but rather the higher alcohol, dry-hopped base beer brewed for Saison-Brett, but without the secondery brett fermentation.


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