Monday, March 9, 2009

Is it hot in here, or is it just my beer?

We went to 75th Street Brewing yesterday and noticed "Hot Chocolate" on their list of draft beers. I gave it a second look since it seemed odd to have that on the list , but figured they were simply highlighting this warm wintertime drink due to the sharp drop in temperature the past couple of days.

Much to my delight, I was wrong - the brewers at 75th Street have put a new spin on a prior release, the Chocolate Ascent. They've added cayenne to this delicious brew and named it - you guessed it - "Hot Chocolate". It's just as rich and chocolatey as the original Chocolate Ascent, with a warming kick at the end. Very drinkable and a really nice alternative to an already-great beer. It reminded me quite a bit of those dark chocolate truffles with chili powder. Rich, slightly bitter, roasted chocolate taste followed by warmness then a slightly sharp pepper flavor. Well done, 75th Street!

In other news, it looks like Sierra Nevada is releasing yet another year-round beer! It's due to arrive some time this summer and is borne of German-style Hefeweizen. They're using open, shallow fermentation tanks rather than those tall, cylindrical fermenters, leading to more complex flavor found in German hefe.
Kellerweis is a light and refreshing beer with deep complexity of flavor. The yeast provides hints of fruit flavors and spices, including ripe banana and clove. This hazy-golden beer glows with suspended yeast creating a velvety texture; perfect for a sunny California day.
Is it summer yet?

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the Kellerweis! I really love Sierra Nevada's beers, and I'm hoping this will be no different. I think it's a good addition, too, as the Pale Ale is pretty hoppy, Torpedo is REALLY hoppy, and it's tough to want to drink a stout when you're tailgating or grilling out or something. This will be a welcomed addition to the lighter side of things. I'm hoping this will be more of a German style wheat (sounds like it by the name) than an American wheat. As much as I like beers like Boulevard Wheat, Goose Island's wheat, etc, I am pretty worn out on that style. I want to get hit on the head with bananas and cloves when I open a Kellerweis!


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