Friday, January 9, 2009

DeProef is in the beer

In 2007, brewers from Port Brewing in Southern California took a field trip to Belgium and developed a beer with De Proef Brouerij. They took concepts from two fantastic beer styles - West Coast American IPA and Belgian Strong Ale - to come up with a Reserve Signature Ale.

We picked up a bottle of this magical beverage this evening at Royal. I have seen it before and passed it by, selecting other beers before it. Why, I can't tell you. This is a fantastic beer.

The aroma is immediately hoppy, bordering on pungent. The citrus really comes through, reminding me of the bitter pith of an orange. Initial taste is bitter hops, followed by a sweet caramel maltiness, followed by warmness. It's not too sweet, and is definitely predominantly hoppy. Now this is what I miss about west coast beer. The Brett is definitely present, but well-balanced and not too overwhelming.

Overall, this is a fantastic Belgian IPA. It has the hoppiness of a west coast IPA, the maltiness of a Belgian strong ale, and the funky tartness of the Brettanomyoces. Highly recommended for anyone who has a love of hops, a love of Belgian ale, and - best of all - a love of funk.


  1. Amy you are right on about all your beers!! Thanks for the De Proef Tasting note. Also the Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye is my favorite from them too!

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