Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kansas City Brewing Co?

We were at Barley's in Shawnee the other night, at the bar. The bar itself is quite nice, decorated with scattered beer labels covered by a thick lacquer. Most of the labels are retro, but some of them are relatively modern. One label is for Yardbird's, a golden ale that 75th Street brewing used to make (in the 90s, from what I can tell). 

The address on the label was right - 520 W 75th St. But the logo and name of the brewery were different. The logo had some barley stalks around some buildings (if I recall correctly), and the name of the brewery was "Kansas City Brewing Co."

I've Googled around this morning, looking for indications of a change in name or ownership, but can't find a thing. Perhaps some of the native KCers can help me out. Was 75th Street once named Kansas City Brewing Co? Did they used to package their beer? Was this a fake label? Was this something that was made when 75th Street Brewing was just a twinkle in the founder's eye? Enquiring minds want to know!

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  1. I just came across some bottles with the name The Kansas City Brewing Company on them. Hmmm They are glass with a ceramic cork in the top look really old.


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