Thursday, January 1, 2009

Later, Gator

We went to Barley's in Shawnee for dinner & a couple of beers tonight. I enjoyed a lovely Grimbergen Abbey Ale & a Great Divide Titan IPA. While deciding what to get, I sampled both the Bitch Creek ESB and Abita Andygator. Now, I generally like Abita's brews and highly recommend Turbodog. Andygator, however... I'm inclined to wonder what they were thinking. Helles doppelbock? I'm thinking light in color but malty, dry, a bit boozy.

It's somewhat light & very clear, like a German lager (a bit darker than a helles). The initial taste is a bit cloying, almost honey-like. Then the sweetness lingers... and keeps lingering... There's minimal hop aroma and almost an adjunct aftertaste. It was interesting. Abita's website describes it as having a "dry finish" but I didn't find that at all. It's possible it was a bad keg, but given the reviews on, I don't think so. Someone described it perfectly - "tastes mostly like sweetened water."

Barley's did, however, have Ommegang's Chocolate Indulgence on tap. Get it while you can - this is one delicious brew.

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  1. I had Andygator on tap at Cooter Brown's in NOLA. Think they said, and I mostly agreed, that it's a malt liquor. It's just plain strong. The only Abita brew I go ga-ga for is Fleur de Lis Restoration Ale (a golden ale). But I love Bitch Creek ESB and will one day splurge on the Ommegang Choc.


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